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Break Your Silos

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Most companies are constrained by the crippling effects of internal silos. We help you locate the causes of these silos, enable your leaders to break through them, and empower and reenergize the relational network of your entire organization.

Leverage the benefits of Relational Leadership:

  • Higher levels of productivity with a fully engaged team committed to your strategic priorities and to each other

  • Cross-functional innovation and effective, organic sharing of relevant information throughout the organization

  • United focus on common goals and a shared understanding of strategic direction

  • A thriving organizational culture that produces best-in-class leaders and attracts the best available talent 

  • Increased agility and organizational resilience through times of change and rapid growth

How you can work with us


Four-dimensional Organizational Convergence Assessment


Innovative organizational integration and relational leadership consulting 


Transformational change journeys and relational 360 assessments


Impactful executive team  and leadership development trainings


World class speakers on integrative and relational leadership

STEP 1: Schedule a free discovery call | We discuss your goals and assess fit.

STEP 2: Convergence Assessment | In most situations, we recommend starting with an analysis of your current levels of organizational collaboration and flow, providing a visual heat map of areas that need attention, and giving a detailed view of the relational fabric of your organization that you have never seen before.

STEP 3: Addressing the roots of your silos | Based on the findings of the Convergence Assessment, we will suggest a bespoke combination of executive consulting, relational leadership coaching, conflict resolution interventions, and team convergence workshops that will target the specific causes of your organizational silos.

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Human connection is the most important of all human needs and skills. It determines one's leadership effectiveness, power as a communicator, and moment-to-moment happiness and satisfaction. But it is massively misunderstood and relatively rarely achieved. This paper unpacks the mystery of connection and shows how to achieve Stage 3 Connection.

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