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Break Your Silos

What silos are present in your organization?

Types of silos 3.png

What are these silos costing you?

  • Infighting

  • Distrust

  • Resistance

  • Blaming

  • Disconnection

  • Conflict

  • Disengagement

  • Narrow-mindedness

  • Indifference

Most companies are being held back by the effects of internal silos. We locate the roots of your silos, help your leaders break through them, and empower the relational fabric of your whole organization.

Let us help you achieve:

  • Higher levels of productivity with a fully engaged team committed to each other

  • Cross-functional innovation and effective communication

  • United focus on common goals and a shared understanding of strategic direction

  • A thriving organizational culture that attracts the best available talent

  • Increased agility and organizational resilience


Four-dimensional Organizational Convergence Assessment


Innovative organizational integration and relational leadership consulting 


Transformational change journeys and relational 360 assessments


Impactful executive team  and leadership development trainings


World class speakers on integrative and relational leadership

Our process

Video Call

After learning about your challenges and goals, we will create a step-by-step project proposal with estimated time frame and budget

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Organizational Assessment

We believe in data. That's why we first assess your company's current level of Convergence and identify your individual barriers to integration 

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Leadership Development

Based on your report, we will facilitate a strategic leadership development initiative that includes consulting and executive workshops

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Executive Coaching 

On the basis of the newly acquired tools and ideas, we coach your leaders along a unique Relational Leadership 360 Assessment

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What working with us looks like


By increasing Convergence across the Four Quadrants of Organizational Change (Behavior, Attitude, Structure, and Culture), organizations can increasingly operate as united, cohesive teams.

Withiii's Convergence Assessment measures your organization's level of Convergence and readiness for change across each of these quadrants. It will help you to integrate, direct, and succeed in all of your organizational change efforts.

Curious about our intellectual foundations?

Explore our library of resources and get access to the newest thought leadership around human relation, organizational convergence, and relational leadership!

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Human connection is the most important of all human needs and skills. It determines one's leadership effectiveness, power as a communicator, and moment-to-moment happiness and satisfaction. But it is massively misunderstood and relatively rarely achieved. This paper unpacks the mystery of connection and shows how to achieve Stage 3 Connection.

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