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Are you ready to put an end to divisive structures, limiting identities, exclusive behaviors, and inhibiting cultures in your organization?


So are we!


Led by Jim Ferrell, best-selling author and internationally renowned expert on leadership and human dynamics, the Withiii team is ready to take your organization to the next level of Convergence.


We can help you understand your current positioning with our BASC Assessment and identify a roadmap that integrates your existing change efforts into a cohesive and aligned transformation strategy with our innovative consulting solutions. Through our ICF-certified executive coaches, we can help your leaders transform their understanding and way of being with their teams to inspire and harness unity. Our impactful trainings and retreats powerfully unite groups and overcome division and innovation paralysis, and our world-class speakers are ready to turn your next event into an inspiring call for coming together as one.


Four-dimensional Transformation Readiness Assessment

Innovative organizational transformation and integration consulting 


Transformational change journeys for leaders in a personalized setup


Impactful trainings for lasting personal and organizational change


World class speakers with inspirational content for your memorable events





With a wide selection of engaging and inspirational topics around Convergent Leadership, our world class speakers take their audience on a journey to identify the components of transformational leadership that unleash the fulness of human potential and collaborative flow.

Our most popular speech topics include:

  • Breaking Open: Unlocking Human Connection

  • Four Quadrant Agility: Opening the Innovation Dimension

  • Creating OneTeam: Helping the Many to Operate as One

  • The New Leadership Math: The Arithmetic of Relation in an A.I. World

  • Our Next Frontier: The Business Case for Expanding Identity




We offer trainings on a variety of leadership, teambuilding, and communication topics. These can be in furtherance of strategies put in place through our consulting services or as stand-alone training offerings in service of already determined organizational needs. Our in-person and virtual workshops are highly engaging, interactive, and practical. Whether you book a half-day, full-day, or multiple-day workshop, we tailor our concepts to your needs to create a lasting and highly impactful learning experience. 

Our most popular trainings include:

  • Convergent Leadership

  • Unlocking Human Connection

  • Opening the Innovation Dimension

  • Expanding Inclusiveness

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

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In today’s rapidly evolving market, continuous change and improvement are required just to keep pace with the market. Getting and staying ahead requires not just change but transformational change. As opposed to mere change, transformation happens in leaps and chunks as people come together in new and deeper ways. We can help you to achieve transformational change in your business. 

Our most popular consulting services include:

  • Four-Dimensional Convergence Transformation

  • Organizational Change-Effort Integration, Design, and Execution

  • Conflict Management and Transformation

  • Leadership Advisory

  • Creative Thought Partnership 



For complete and lasting transformation, our world-class coaches engage you in an individualized journey to higher Convergence in your leadership abilities that will enable you to understand and overcome the internal barriers and walls that have been holding you back, the way they are impacting the collective energy and performance of your team, and position you to achieve lasting change in your capabilities to build thriving organizations.

Our coaching programs include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Team / Group Coaching

  • Individual Performance Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

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Withiii’s four-dimensional BASC Assessment reveals organizational realities in the four quadrants of organizational change—Behavior, Attitude, Structure, and Culture. Understanding these four-dimensional realities, how they correlate, and how to progress level-to-level within and across quadrants enables leaders to assess where their organizations currently are, integrate parallel change initiatives, and chart productive paths forward.

The BASC Assessment includes the following steps:

  • Four-dimensional online assessment survey

  • Interviews with a cross-section of employees

  • Integrated analysis

  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

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