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Relational Leadership 360

Relational Leadership 360

360-degree feedback assessments are one of the most popular instruments in the leadership development tool kit of successful organizations. For good reason: An honest look in the mirror through the lens of feedback can be revealing and transformational, especially as a basis for subsequent coaching.

But not every 360 is created equal. If not designed and executed well, the experience of receiving raw feedback can be traumatic and shake a leader's confidence. In addition, most 360s don't measure what they claim: Ratings of another person’s behaviors, skills, and attitudes are as much about the observer as the person being rated. That muddies the results, causes resistance, and often leaves leaders frustrated.

With that in mind, we created a powerful 360 that some of our clients have deemed "the best personal development experience they've ever had." 

Designed to measure the experiences of the people around them, Withiii's Relational Leadership 360 reveals deep insights into a person's relational leadership capabilities—without diminishing the fact that every relationship is owned by two sides.


For raters, the Relational Leadership 360 invites both honesty and generosity in their views of a leader's relational abilities without compromising on detail, data, or effectiveness for change. Organized around Withiii's “Seven Rules of Relation,” leaders gain deep and actionable insights into the ways they relate to others and receive specific guidance on how to improve their capabilities and relationships.

Our experienced, ICF-certified executive coaches guide leaders through their results, highlight implications and areas of opportunity, and help design an individual and executable plan to develop their relational leadership capabilities and increase their team's ability to perform as a fully integrated whole.

Leaders report an immediate increase in clarity, self-awareness, possibility, accountability, and connection with their team. Apart from the powerful insights they gain on ways they can improve their relational abilities, they also leave with a sense of reassurance and confidence about their ability to have a positive impact on their team and the organization.

What the Relational Leadership 360 includes:

  • Ability to choose an unlimited number of raters in flexible categories (e.g. supervisor, peers, direct reports, second-level reports, customers, providers, other)

  • Detailed analyses of responses with comparisons to your cohort, averages, standard deviation, and highest vs. lowest

  • Breakouts per competencies, rating groups, and questions

  • "Hidden strengths" and "blind spots" to create self-awareness in the balance between self image and the perception of others

  • Comment sections for illuminating details clarifying specific areas of opportunity


Assessment only

You will receive a comprehensive report to utilize within your existing corporate coaching infrastructure 

Note: We do not recommend this option without a knowledgable coach who is able to interpret and integrate the results!

Assessment and Debrief

You will receive the report, a 90-min individual debrief and coaching session with a Withiii Relational Leadership Coach and recommendations for action items to improve your relational leadership skills.

Assessment and Coaching $3950

After receiving the report and your debrief session, you will be guided through a 3-months coaching journey with a Withiii-trained coach to work on specific relational challenges within your area of responsibility.

The ​Relational Leadership 360 can be run for an individual leader with benchmarks against a larger group of external leaders, or for a cohesive group of leaders with benchmarks against each other. To determine which is the right option for your specific situation and to learn more about the tool, our coaching methodology, and customizing options, we invite you to schedule a call with us.

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