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This program includes:

  • Contemplative writing and reflection exercise for intake

  • 90-minute in-depth discovery call

  • Professional iEQ9 Report + 90-minute debrief on results

  • 60-minutes review of insights, goals, and detailed coaching plan

  • 6 in-depth coaching calls over 3 months incl. written summary of findings and additional insights / exercises

  • 24/7 coaching access by email, text, and WhatsApp

As 2023 draws to a close, many of us feel exhausted by a tough year of challenging circumstances, conflict at home or at work, or just a general sense of feeling a bit lost in our own skin.

This time between the years is the perfect moment to reassess, realign, and reorient ourselves to our path of development and growth - and set ourselves up to revive and thrive in 2024.

With this limited program, our co-founder Kathrin Peters will offer a few individuals a container to do some deep transformational work for an energizing and transformational start to the new year.

In this 4-month personal coaching program, you will:

  • Be guided through a deep assessment of your current situation. Through a combination of reflective and contemplative exercises, an Enneagram-based assessment of your perspective on the world around you, and some deep personal inquiry in a 90-min discovery call, we will take a detailed inventory of your current challenges, the underlying reasons that are causing them, and the transformative potential that is ahead of you.

  • Receive a personalized development plan. As we debrief the findings of the inquiry phase, you will be presented with helpful frameworks and a detailed, individual coaching plan designed for your specific goals that will set you up for a powerful start to the new year and beyond.

  • Stay accountable to yourself and others as we guide you on your personal path. For the following three months, we will guide and anchor your personal transformation in exercises, reading, and interpersonal growth in your relationships in biweekly coaching calls. Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to us through texts, WhatsApp, or email as you navigate your path of personal change.

V. S., Marketing Executive at Google

"Working with Kathrin has been an amazing journey. The sessions have given me such strong insights into who I am and how I can grow as a person. My confidence has increased and I am much more in balance as a leader. This has been a truly life changing experience! Thank you so much Kathrin, and see you soon!"

O. Z., Finance Director at Four Seasons

"Coach Kathrin been phenomenal supporting me for the past months. Her impact can't be overstated. She was genuine and helpful in various situations and gave me incredible advice on my personal development and career as a leader. Thank you!"

I. M., VP Sales at MindSpeller

“Kathrin is definitely the kind of coach who brings out the best in you. She is able to boil complex things down to their fundamentals and build up leadership, confidence and a clear view towards the future!”
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